The Museum of Modern Art: The History and the Collection

The only book to ever provide a comprehensive overview of the entire collection of The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Included are works from all six of its departments: Painting and Sculpture, Drawings, Prints and Illustrated Books, Architecture and Design, Photography, and Film and Video. Includes Brian Wood.

Essay by Sam Hunter


The Printed Picture (MoMA)

Presented as a series of one-page essays opposite the pictures they examine, the book retains the lively, engaging style of the informal lectures through which Richard Benson developed his ideas over the course of 30 years at Yale University. Rooted in hands-on descriptions of practical techniques, The Printed Picture offers a rich and imaginative interpretation of the enormous cultural and social influence of multiple images. For exhibition including Brian Wood.

Richard Benson is a MacArthur Fellow and the former Dean of the Yale School of Art.
Exhibition info and book available at MoMA


Walker Evans & Company (MoMA)

Walker Evans & Company focuses on Evans as a central figure in the arts of the 1920s and 30s, and includes works in photography and other mediums that influenced Evans or were influenced by him, or which resonate in a significant way with aspects of his imagery, sensibility and style. Artists whose work is featured are Eugene Atget, Mathew Brady, Stuart Davis, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Edward Hopper, Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Ruscha, August Sander, Andy Warhol Edward Weston, and Brian Wood. Published in conjunction with the second of three cycles of millennial exhibitions at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Essay by Peter Galassi
Museum of Modern Art
Available at Artbook


Brian Wood: Drawings

Arts + Leisure Gallery, NYC
July 13 - September 1, 2019



A Small Book for Brian Wood

A response to “Brian Wood: Drawings” catalogue
by Robert Kelly


Brian Wood Paintings

Essay by Eleanor Heartney
Cross Contemporary Arts, 2017



Artist's book, 2017-18
43 pages, Edition of 12
Ximena Godoy-Arcaya - poetry
Brian Wood - art made directly in all 12 books
Gervais Jassaud - book design & publisher
Global Books, Frejus, France

PDF (No. 1 of 12)

“Precursor” and “Twin” by Brian Wood in Art Maze Magazine

Summer Issue 13
Curated by Chris Sharp
Available at Art Maze Magazine

PDF (excerpt)

“Three Paintings by Brian Wood” in Things That Matter

Edited by Benjamin Boretz, Dorota Czerner,
Russell C. Richardson, Tildy Bayar, and Arthur Margolin

Open Space Book, 448 pages, 2018
Available at Open Space

PDF (excerpt)

Robert Kelly Festschrift



Sibling Rivalries

Essay by Meg Whiteford
Torrance Art Museum


Something Else

The Painting Center


James Casebere on Brian Wood

"Brian Wood’s paintings are the main revelation. They turn inside out, denying any clear, cohesive read. What results are psychological images using anatomical and biological signs that allude to perception and memory: How does the brain construct images? How do we construct space before we have language? How is consciousness shaped by awareness of the body?"  -James Casebere for Bomb Magazine

BOMB Magazine
Available at



Brian Wood (solo)

Essay by Christian Hawkey
Sordoni Art Gallery




Brian Wood: Drawings (solo)

Essay by Saul Ostrow
Jeannie Freilich Contemporary




25 Years/25 Artists

Essay by Bonnie Yochelson 
Julie Saul Gallery



Brian Wood: Cribbed (solo)

Essay by Lisa Robertson
Kamloops Art Gallery


Brian Wood (solo)

Essay by Donald Kuspit
Saidye Bronfman Centre


Brian Wood: Perverse Science (solo)

Essay by Ann Lauterbach
Lieberman & Saul Gallery, New York 



Review by Nancy Princenthal of Brian Wood: Perverse Science 

The Print Collector's Newsletter
Lieberman and Saul Gallery, New York



Review by James Campbell of Brian Wood: Perverse Science 

Contemporary Art Quarterly
Lieberman and Saul Gallery, New York 


Brian Wood: Related Differences (solo)

Essay by Martha Hanna
National Gallery of Canada


20th Century Photographs from the Museum of Modern Art
(including Brian Wood)

Essay by John Szarkowski


The Uninvited

Bill Barrett, Rico Espinet and Brian Wood

Three artists whose work shares no immediate formal concerns but each invokes an "uninvited" presence, residual of a past event, or anticipating a future happening. It is this knowing and uninvited presence that merges the quotidian and the poetic.

Curated with essay by Stephen Westfall
Apex Art 


Brian Wood (solo)

Essay by Shelley Rice
Taksim Art Gallery and Gallery Nev, Istanbul


Review by Shelley Rice of Brian Wood

Gallery Nev and Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul


Rolling-Out (solo)

Rolling-Out, a portfolio of eight prints, combines photographic and hand drawn lithography to chart the progress of evolution from its beginnings.

Essay by Michael Madore
Jungle Press Editions


Drawn in the 90s

Traveling exhibition

Curated with essay by Joshua P. Smith
Independent Curators Inc and Katonah Museum of Art



Brian Wood: Ground 

Issue 5, edited by Kim Caputo and Vik Muniz

Artists: Masao Yamamoto, Jan Groover, Richard Misrach, David Goldes, John Milisenda, Abelardo Morell, Tina Barney, Kinuyo Hagiwara, Mike Kelley, Cindy Bernard, Jim Lewis, Christopher H. Bailey, Catherine Chalmers, Larry Sultan, Ed Kashi, Gary Schneider, Brian Wood, Philip Taaffe, Peter Garfield, Kim Zorn Caputo


Brian Wood: Involute/Evolute

Essay by David Levi Strauss, ACTA Gallery, Rome



Compilation of writings by Laurie Anderson, Patti Smith, Allen Ginsberg, John Updike, Jack Kerouac, Lou Reed, and Brian Wood


Ecrire La Photographie 

Essay by Gervais Jessaud
Reims Art and Design, France


Depth Markers

Essays on Gerhard Merz, Joan Jonas, Bill Viola, Brian Wood and others by James D. Campbell
Available at ECW Press


Collage in the Expanded Field

The Arts Center, St Petersburg, FL


The Photography of Invention

Pictures that are made, not taken, are the focus of this exciting collection of works by 90 American artists. The selection of nontraditional pictures includes works by some of the decade's most interesting experimenters—Cindy Sherman, Sherrie Levine, Richard Prince, Barbara Kruger, Brian Wood, William Christenberry, Louise Lawler, Stefan Roloff, and others who create or manipulate the subject photographed.

Curated with essay by Joshua P. Smith
Walker Art Center and others
Copublished with the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institute
MIT Press




Essay by Martha Langford
National Gallery of Canada



Cover of Seneca Review



Cover of Seneca Review


Silent Witness

An exhibition composed around children's prosthetic limbs arranged in conjunction with the U.N. International Meeting on Mine Clearance

Edited by Thomas Roma
Joel Sternfeld, Lee Friedlander, Brian Wood and others


Sequence Consequence

Curated with essay by Julia Ballerini
John Baldessari, Robert Rauschenberg, Brian Wood and others
Edith C. Blum Art Institute

Portrait: Faces of the 80's

Photographs by Cindy Sherman,
Nan Goldin, Robert Mapplethorpe
and Brian Wood
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts 


Connoisseurs & Collections: Collection of Joshua P. Smith

Available at Vincent Borelli and Royal Books


Graphis Fine Art Photography

John Baldessari, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Petah Coyne, Brian Wood and others



"Mysterium Coniunctionis: The Art of Brian Wood" by James D. Campbell

Article in Vie Des Arts




Arnaud Maggs, Michael Snow, Brian Wood and others

Curated by William A. Ewing 
49th Parallel, New York


Brian Wood (solo)

Essay by Steven Poser
Mendel Art Gallery, SK


Photographic Sequences

Eadweard Muybridge, Michael Snow, Brian Wood and others

Curated by Jan L.M Bailey
Art Gallery of Peterborough, Ontario



The Animal in Photography

Ben Shahn, William Wegman, Peter Hujar, Brian Wood and others

The Photographers Gallery, London



Post-Marked New York

Tim Watkins, Stephen Schofield, Jana Sterbak, Rene Pierre Allain, Perry Bard, Diana Gubbay, Susanna Heller, Shelagh Keeley, Medrie MacPhee, Francois Morelli, Nancy Smith, Gail Swithenbank, Brian Wood

Curated by Joan Stebbins
Southern Alberta Art Gallery



Modus Operandi

Curated by S. Salzinger
Arts Center, Hollywood, FL




Essay by Matthew Garrison
Marshall Arts, Memphis and UT Downtown Gallery, Knoxville, TN



Your Future Self

by Hank Whittemore
Includes a number of scientifically inspired works by artists whose images extend and deepen the unfolding revelation of our inner universe, with a drawing by Brian Wood